Fun at a BBQ Festival – What You Need to Know

Summertime means lots of backyard fun. A BBQ festival complete with games, decorations, and other fun activities is an excellent place to start. A BBQ festival is also a great way to bring the family together and meet new friends.

 Are you looking for the best fun at a BBQ party? Here are some of our exciting BBQ festival ideas.

Trunk or Treat

If you have been to a BBQ festival, you may have heard something called “trunk or treat.” At a trunk or treats party, costumed children go from trunk to trunk to collect candy from vehicle owners.

The vehicle owners decorate the back of their cars and wait for the kids to “trick or treat” from car-to-car. It is an alternative to the house to house trick. Some people create themed designs that blow away most of the cars at the BBQ festival.

Chili Cook-Off

A unique way to get together with friends is to start your chili cook-off. A warm, hearty bowl of everyone’s favourite chili recipe can be a fun way to add some spice to the BBQ festival.

Gather your most food-savvy crew and start cooking at the same time, with a set number of hours to finish. You can also invite guests to bring their best chili in a slow cooker. Voting can be as simple as a show of hands.

Cookie Exchange

A cookie swap at a BBQ festival is a social event with a practical side. At the BBQ festival, your friends will sample a variety of cookies. However, you won’t have to do all of the baking yourself!

Typically, guests bake a dozen cookies for every attendee. Just remember to invite everyone several weeks in advance so that family members and friends have time to test and exchange their best recipes. There are many essential parts of the cookie exchange to consider. However, the most important thing is that everyone leaves with a variety of goodies.

Face Painting

Are you looking for fun activities to do with your kids and friends at the next BBQ party? You can create quality family fun at a BBQ festival by engaging children and adults in a face painting exercise.

Face painting is one of the easiest ways to bounce ideas off of each other and get inspiration. Some of the material you will need include:

  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Instructional Easel
  • Table Cloths
  • Water Containers
  • Paper Towels
  • Aprons

Whether your family members and friends are beginners or experts at painting, you should reassure them over and over again that they’ll have fun.


What’s a party without music? Music can make or break a BBQ festival, but it’s importance should not be underestimated. Generally speaking, good party music is upbeat and has the right mix of warmth, nostalgia, and surprise.

Consider playing some good old-fashioned tunes over outdoor speakers. The music should have that fun and casual vibe to bring out the quintessential element of your BBQ.

Prepare the Best Food

Working out how much you will eat at the BBQ is key. There are a lot of different ways to cook barbecue, but it’s vital to cook meat thoroughly to ensure that it’s safe to eat. Ensure fish is cooked thoroughly too.

If using a smoker, reduce the number of times you open it. The other thing you will need is a water softener. For the best drinking water, get the highest rated water softener.

Sack Race

The sack race is undeniably a BBQ festival classic. This is a sport in which people compete with their legs inside a sack. It is a fantastic way for kids to get plenty of outdoor fun and learn amazing development skills. There are numerous variations to sack racing rules.

Outdoor Movie Night

There’s nothing more exciting at a BBQ festival like a great movie projected on a big screen. All you need is the right equipment and setup. From there, you’ll want to project the film onto a flat platform. You don’t need a top of the line projector.

While you’re certainly not going to get cinema-level quality, you want to make sure you’re throwing an epic movie show. You can make your BBQ outdoor movie night a festival to remember with a movie that is appropriate but appealing to all ages.


No matter which activities you choose, make sure they’re as simple as you want them to be. Enjoy your BBQ festival, and remember to eat as much as you want.

Five Tips for Having a Great Concert-Like Party

Concerts are significant events where people gather to listen to and cheer performing artists. It’s a perfect place for celebrities to meet their fans. Consider it one wat to foster close relationships between artists and their admirers. Such bonding can produce fans ready to sacrifice anything for their favorite celebrities.

Ever thought of bringing a concert-like party to the back of your house? Like having a mega party? It’d be lots of fun if you can pull it off.

Unlike regular concerts, home concerts allow you to create additional fun activities as the show goes on. Since it’s more of a gathering of friends, everyone tends to be free and open to trying out other activities. These points can help you successfully host a memorable concert-like party.

Get Things Ready

For a successful concert, your starting point is preparation. Consider the suggestions below to help you prepare adequately.

§    Chose the Right Location and Timing

Your location and time matter a lot. Even though it’s a home concert, it’s vital to consider who your expected guests would be. How far is your anticipated venue from your expected guests, how accessible is the venue, can your guests and artists easily identify your place. These are some critical questions you have to consider.

If your concert has high school kids as a target audience, it’s unreasonable to set the timing on a Wednesday night. A show over the weekend would feel better. Put the schedule for your target guests into consideration. Slate time for the show and stick to it. Your guests will build confidence in you for this.

§    Ensure You Have No Conflicting Party

If you’re hosting a small home concert, you’ll need to ensure no other show would hold in your city on the same day as yours. If your guest would have to choose between your show and another, it might play out against you. Ensure your concert is the only one in your city.

§    Prepare Your Stage

The main attraction at your concert should be the artists you’re bringing. Make their performance the activity of focus. They don’t have to be A-list artists. They could be budding musicians right there in your vicinity. You’d be surprised that some of them might be willing to perform for free or a token if they’re assured of substantial exposure.

A stage is a podium that gives the artists the attention and provides them adequate space to perform. It’s vital to build a stage that’ll withstand every performance.

In preparing your stage, be sure to make adequate preparations to ensure safety. If the situation calls for it, you may need to do some welding to strengthen poles and other metal works. Using high-frequency welders will make the job easier and faster.

Ensure the Safety of Your Guests

The safety of guests at your concert is vital.

·        Use Security Guards

The presence of security guards would instill confidence among your guests about their security. They can help control any party crashers or guests who start getting violent. Now, you don’t have to break the bank to enlist security guards; if you’ve got enough social goodwill, you can enlist the help of willing guys and ladies in the neighborhood for a token.

·        Install Cameras

Have security cameras installed, and ensure someone capable monitors it to detect any suspected risk and deal with it as soon as possible.

·        Have First aid Kits

If you have a medical emergency during a show, first aid kits come in very handy. While seeking proper medical attention, you can perform first aid treatment.

Make a Budget

If you’re planning a concert, it’s essential to define what you hope to achieve. Shows could be for charity, for promotion, to raise funds, or just about anything. Tailor your budget.

·        Sell Tickets

Selling tickets for your show would give you a good idea of the people coming to your concert. In addition to providing statistics, ticketing can help you raise the capital you require. Consider sending out select invitation tickets to special guests.

·        Consider Food and Drinks

Your guests may be willing to have food and drinks made available for some price. The number of tickets you sell would help you determine how to prepare for this.

·        Offer VIP Arrangements

Set apart a specific section of your venue for special guests and offer them some unique treatments at certain price tags. VIP treatment will give them a sense of importance and improve their willingness to part with money.

Build a Team

Your team will help make your job get easier. A team will help you with the following, among others.

·        Make Publicity for Your Concert

Your team can help you create publicity for your concert. Flyers, jingles, and personal adverts can go a long way.

·        Come Up with Creative Ideas

Your crew can help you with various artistic designs to make your venue colorful. With a team, it’s easy to plan other side activities.

·        Get Information of Guests

Your team can help design online forms for your guests, to collect information and make it easier to invite them to your next party.

Obtain Permission

Finally, while making all the plans for your party. Be sure to obtain relevant permission to host the kind of show you have in mind. It may require some paperwork, take the time to meet up with all the requirements for hosting a successful concert-like party.


Events Planning: 5 Ways to Boost Security at Your Events Venue for Hire

Security is at the core of events planning.

Event hosts and venue owners must ensure that all guests in attendance are safe. When budgeting for an event, a good portion of the budget should be allocated to security.

Whenever a group of people comes together, the risk of a security threat heightens.

With the severe event catastrophes in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, Paris’ Bataclan, and the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, the essence of security at events is clear.

The harm likely to ensue from an event security breach is too great to overlook.


The heightened frequency of violent incidents at events has increased concern and, thus, awareness. Therefore, you must take the security of your events venue seriously.

They were ranging from active shooter incidents, terrorist threats to equipment failure, protests and general emergencies that security threats vary at events.

Whether you’re planning a conference or trade show, you need to boost the security at your venue. It’s the responsibility of event hosts and venue owners to secure their platforms from likely threats.

However, event security is sophisticated and involves extensive communication and coordination. It’s more than just dotting your event with security personnel.

Appropriate security practices guarantee the safety of your event staff and guests. Other benefits of security at events include crowd control and protection against:

  • Troublesome guests
  • Injury to guests
  • Sudden disastrous situations
  • Property damage

Here’re five ways to boost your event security to secure your venue and reduce its vulnerability to threats:

Top 5 Security Tips to Make Your Events Venue Safe

  1. Implement access control and security checkpoints

Events are among the most critical operations for security personnel. Your events security team must ensure that no uninvited guests enter the venue.

Check IDs for corporate executives and their guests to keep guard at entry points. However, this is dependent on your specific event venue.

Create a plan in advance for closed events venues such as a hotel or a building. You’ll have to create a security and safety plan and limit access for open venues.

The security plan must include members of the security team posted at strategic places, including the surrounding area.

Create checkpoints far from the event gathering. Each event attendee must go through the inspection, ensuring that agitators confront the security team long before causing havoc.

Checkpoints ensure that uninvited persons should stop accessing the venue and reaching the crowd.

  1. Tighten communication

Your event staff must stay in touch. If possible, get each team a walkie-talkie for consistent communication.

The professional security detail for the event must also communicate with your staff. However, this is usually not the case at events.

Your staff can report any suspicions to the security team to ensure they don’t engage in confrontations.

Consider diagramming your event to ensure all staff and the security team have a visual map of the venue.

  1. Make all your security devices and measures visible

The main aim of security is to prevent threats, not to respond to threats.

When a potential agitator or threat spots your security measures in place, he’s likely to move on. Although you can hide part of your event venue security measures, most members of the security team must remain visible.

Hiding all the security measures makes the agitators assume there’s no protection at the event, hence go ahead to cause trouble. However, visible measures make them think twice before making a move.

Visible security measures also make the guests at the event feel safer. They’re confident that people and devices have been put in place to ensure they’re safe.

What’s more, event attendees know where to turn to for help in case of an emergency.

  1. Prevent cyber threats

Security risks at events in the modern era aren’t all physical. Some target the identities, data, and devices of event attendees.

Make sure your Wi-Fi service is password-protected from network sniffers. It safeguards your event guests from unwanted persons who may try to gain unauthorized entry to your network.

Share your network or Wi-Fi password with guests through your custom event app or registration materials to ensure it’s only available to authorized persons.

Hire an IT professional to test the network for loopholes that malicious parties may exploit to steal data from your guests’ devices. Review cybersecurity measures in place to protect your Wi-Fi network.

Make sure devices logged on the event’s network can’t access each other.

  1. Invest in a fireproof gun safe for installation at the venue of the event

Find a reputable fireproof gun safe for your needs to secure your events venue. You’ll want to do this if you’re an events venue owner and also offer security services on the side.

Look out for high-quality steel construction and premium details on your ideal gun safe. It’ll come in handy for storing guns, including anything else you’d want to keep locked away.

Other features include:

  • Indoor storage compartments
  • Interior mirroring
  • Soft bags and pockets  
  • Assault-proof locks
  • Relocking devices and hard, drilling-proof plates
  • Premium exterior hinges and body insulation

You should also develop an emergency plan and screen your staff to boost security at your events venue.

Entertainment Companies On Producing Fleck and GE Water Softener Event

Fleck and GE, are renowned as the two of the familiar names as water softener over the decades. Being the premier brand in Fleck water softener manufacturing, Pentair Residential Filtration LLC has in-depth experience in the field for over 40 years. Besides, GE water softener got its name from an American multinational corporation, General Electric Company. So, what made them top the industry two of the top water softener brands among the majority.

So, as both of them regarded as top-notch brands, which is the best buy? We have discussed the exceptional features and functions of Fleck and GE brand water softeners to provide a detailed insight. Both brands are suitable for versatile use, be it for home needs or business province. To kickstart, what is the point of water softener if it doesn’t perform an active filtration function. Both Fleck water softeners as well of GE have built-in filters that effectively filters and removes bacteria, sediments and other impurities resulting in clean and fresh drinking water. The water softeners are also capable of removing the deathly chlorine content which will lead you to achieve optimum health in the long run. Some of Fleck’s model has mesh filter that aid in washing out iron, sulfur and manganese particles from the hard water.

Besides, installing Fleck or GE can assist in removing mineral grains which recrystallized earth grains which appears bigger than the usual one Fleck and GE perform incredible action of flushing out these mineral grains at the rate of per gallon. The potential of grain removal amount varies according to a different model, but typically it ranges from 40,000 to 80,000-grain removal per tank.

Next up is the flow rate, before installing any water softener, you should ensure that the water is capable of supplying a minimum of 2 gallons per minute for every family member. Anything less than that could potentially reduce the water pressure and result in less water flow during numerous simultaneous use, However, with Fleck water softeners you can face zero problems since they can supply from 12 gallons up to 22 gallons per minute which are considered more than enough. GE is not a loser as well; its flow rate can go up slightly higher than Fleck’s which 222 gallons per minute.

On top of that, both GE and Fleck water softeners have high-quality built in, and they have been in the market for over multiple decades. They will provide a lasting function of up to 25 years depending on the model. But the least is you can use them at home or business for at least ten years. Many might wonder about the installation process? Is it difficult? Does it involve a plumber? GE and Fleck water softeners permit easy installation which can be done manually by the owners. They accompanied with a detailed user manual and instruction to ease the installation process. Another good news is both brands allow users to get back to the company for maintenance or further assistance with 1 to 10 years of warranty that varies according to a different model.

Now, since we have already talked about the efficiency and functions of Fleck and GE water softeners, here is a list of different Fleck and GE brand water softener models. It is suggested for both home and business use.

Best Fleck Model Water Softeners

  1. Fleck 48,000 Grain Flow
  2. Fleck 80,000 Grain, 9100 SXT Twin Tank
  3. Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain Iron 8, Sulfur Eradicator 2000

Best GE Model Water Softeners

  1. GE model 30,000 Grain Standard Flow
  2. GE model 31,100 Grain and Filter

In a wrap, water softeners are must-haves to avoid your family members and yourself from consuming polluted water. Provide your family with better healthy by starting from the root, which to give clean and pure. So, next time if you think about getting a water softener Fleck and GE brands are two of the best brands you might want to opt for

Hot water shower after an event party

Having a very busy schedule can be very tiresome especially when you have just come from an event. In such scenarios, you will need something to help you relax so that you can resume you can be normal again. A hot water shower will be the best choice for you as it has proven to be the best in several aspects as we shall see in this article.

You must not be troubled on ways to heat your water as you can use gas water heaters provided you have bought one for your home use. This is because gas water heater life expectancy is approximately 8 to 12 years which is a good reason to invest in it So let’s see how showering with hot water can better our health.

1. Helps to improve your sleep.

Getting into bed early doesn’t guarantee you a sound sleep. However, you need to know that the hot water shower is actually the best natural sedative. If your event was full of activities and you feel you feel like you want to enjoy your sleep, then the best thing to do is to have a hot shower. Your body will be relaxed and you will perfectly enjoy your sleep.

2. Eliminate bacteria in our body

We know that every event we attend is always full of people from a different group. There are also some actions which we participate in which may cause a threat to our life. Having a handshake with several people in the event may make you have several harmful bacteria in your body. This can cause several infections. To avoid this, you will need a hot water shower, this is because most of the bacteria cannot be able to survive at a certain temperature. They will die and allow you to live a healthy life.

3. Help in weight loss program

Most people have been spending a lot of protein shakes for weight loss without knowing they can have a natural way to control all this. Most events are characterized by celebrations which means you would expect all sorts of meals arranged on your table. Eating these meals may cause an increase in weight. This may be a big problem for some people. So if you need to get rid of this, you will need to shower with hot water as it increases the rate of metabolism in the body and helps to burn more fat. This will help with weight loss plan.

4. Help you to manage pain

A long day work may make you experience several problems in your body. Problems such as a headache, inflammation, painful and stiff muscles or even aching body can be cured simply by taking hot water bath. This is because taking a hot water shower can help to improve the circulation of blood in your system. If there is efficient blood circulation, then body receptors that help to regulate pain will be easily transported to the affected areas thus you will recover quickly.

5. Help to manage blood pressure

Most people who have high blood pressure are always encouraged to invest in a water heating system. This is because they will, need hot water to save them from the effect of high blood pressure. How then does it manage blood pressure? Research shows that when you have a hot water shower, your body muscles will relax thereby lowering the blood pressure.

6. It reduces stress

Interaction with different kind of people may increase the level of your stress especially when you were annoyed at the event. If you want to enjoy your life in this universe for a longer period of time, then never allow stress to form part of your daily schedule. A hot water bath will get rid of every kind of stress. But how? Scientifically, hot water has the ability to increase the level of oxytocin in your body which helps to better your moods and reduce your stress.

The Importance of Welding Helmets in Setting up Special Events

In any operation protection guarantees productivity. The welding helmet is headgear which used when performing welding jobs. Welding
helmet offers protection and safety during welding by protecting the face, eyes and the
neck from dangerous flash burns, heat, ultraviolet rays, infrared light, and
the sparks.

If you are setting up a special event like the dance parties, it is very important you provide welding helmets to the workforce. When setting up even dance parties accurate joining of metals is what will make the even most decorated. With these days’ technology has brought welding it to place, blacksmithing is an old technique to be used to set up various events. Want to know more? Visit

With welding machinery, various risks are encountered. Full protection is mandatory to increase protection. The welding helmet is the most comfortable protection tool

Why you need welding helmets when setting up special events.

You might be wondering what the welding helmet is meant for when doing such a simple job. It is a necessity. In fact, to meet the occupational health principles, personal protective equipment should be provided. It won’t benefit you alone if you are an employer, your workers will also not be harmed by the occupational hazard to be encountered when setting up special events.

Welding helmet will offer the following benefits:

• They prevent arc eye. This is a very painful condition whereby the corners of the eye are inflamed. Without welding helmet, you will be exposed to the concentrated rays emitted during welding.

• The welding helmet is very important in the prevention of retina burns by the sparks when setting up any special events. Welding comes with many hazards harmful to the retina. Use of welding helmet will thus improve your vision.

• The ultraviolet rays emitted cause damage to the skin. In absence of welding helmet, one will develop sunburn-like skin problems. With welding helmets, the ultraviolet rays will be shielded away from coming into contact with your skin.

• Do welding helmet prevent radiation encountered when setting up special events? The answer is yes. In addition, the harmful gases and splashes which affect the eyes and the skin are shielded by the welding helmet.

The effectiveness of welding helmets when setting up special events.

The welding helmet is a very excellent device that will provide complete protection when setting up special events like dance parties.
You should not doubt it. Many have acquired and used it. They are not guaranteed of 100% protection against the occupational hazard, be it physical, biological and even the most common mechanical hazards.

All welding helmets need good maintenance. They are easily susceptible to cracks and other damages which will limit its effectiveness. Many organizations that carry out the setting up of special events recommend the use of welding helmets they know all that it is not meant for engineers alone.

The information above has instilled interest of welding helmet by far. If you are going to make any purchase of the welding helmet that you will be using to set up special events. Choose a working helmet which is light and can be adjusted to any size. It should offer the best vision of the periphery. Welding helmet, you can wear it throughout the day as long as you are within the working areas. Pay a serious attention to the importance of welding helmet above. You will automatically set the special event successfully and even attract more clients who will need you to do the same job.

Mush Have Things To Make An Event Safe

When planning an event, it is important to note that not all your guests are coming with good intentions or sometimes you might get uninvited guests who have come to ruin it You must, therefore, take certain measures to ensure your event is safe. Here are some must haves in to ensure an event is safe:
1. Security guards
You should consider having armed security guards in your event in case some guests or party crushers get out of control or become violent especially if you are hosting a big event. These can include guns, Tasers, sniffer dogs, body scanners and guns which should be used in case of extreme circumstances. The mere presence of security guards at your event is enough to drive away some troublemakers.
2. Riflescopes
Some guests might not feel comfortable with security guards present in an event so the use of riflescopes is a good way of keeping an eye on your event from a great distance without your guests knowing.
3. Stun guns
Your security guards should also have stun guns in case there is a need to stop a violent reveler in your event. Where the use of guns are considered a last resort, you can use a stun gun to stop a troublemaker, hold them, and then call the police to take them away
Have CCTV cameras all over the event area and assign a security personnel to monitor all of them and report anything suspicious you the security guards positioned in the event for them to check it out. This will make your guests relaxed and give them a feeling of security with their valuables.
5. Guns
You should arm some of your security persons with guns just in case some revelers get out of hand and while waiting for the police.
6. Flashlights
Especially for events that go into the night, it is important to give your security guards flashlights and emergency lights in case of a power outage.
7. Walkie-talkies
Have your security guards and other event planners use walkie-talkies to communicate. As much as it is convenient, it will also help in case there is a security breach in any part of your event the guards are able to communicate promptly and call for back up where there is the need.
8. First aid kits
When having any event, big or small, a first aid kit is a must-hay. If a guest or even your staff is hurt, you can administer first aid before calling or while waiting for an ambulance in case of such emergencies.
9. Fire extinguishers
Have fire extinguishing equipment at strategic points in the event area in case of fires. Make sure they are visible enough to the event goers and your staff so that they can be easily reached if needed.
10. Body scanners
When your guests are coming into the party, you should inspect them and make sure they are not carrying any weapons or contraband. Make sure all the guests and staff pass through security checks to ensure the safety of everyone in your event.