Planning A Water Heater Event For Navien Brand


The primary goal of this event will be to make the public aware of all the benefits a Navien water heater can provide. It will allow them to see upfront what features these appliances have, along with a free demonstration of its working procedure.

Who Are We

With the rapidly changing atmosphere and the remarkable progress of technology, we have arrived at a point in history where hot water has become a daily necessity. In this day and age, we expect to possess equipment which will produce hot water efficiently without causing colossal power consumption. We function as a point of connection between the general public and the companies dedicated to manufacturing such efficient household appliances. We organize events on a regular basis to fulfill this objective and have been doing so for x years as of 2018.

What Inspired Us About Navien

We have noticed how dedicated the company of Navien has been towards providing modern and efficient household appliances for the customers. Particularly in the case of water heaters, Navien is currently one of the most versatile providers in the industry. It has a wide range of water heaters catering to all kinds of customer needs. This dedication and versatility inspired us to work with them and promote their products through this event.

Event Details

Venue and Timing

The water heater event for Navien brand( will take place at Venue of Location for seven days.
Each day, the event will be open for guests from 10 am to 5 pm.


Within this period, the guests will be informed about the benefits of the displayed water heaters and the latest technologies implemented in them.

After knowing about these features verbally, the guests will be allowed to see for themselves how well a product functions. They will form a line, and each will get the chance to experience specific functionalities first-hand. The purpose of this is to gain their reliability for the brand and to motivate them to invest in their products in the future.


As part of the marketing plan, we would like to propose hosting a water heater giveaway for the attending guests. Each guest may receive a numbered ticket from the marked counters. The winner will be selected through a lottery system and will be awarded an NPE-S Standard Water Heater.

Social Media

To utilize the power of social media, we will create a Facebook Event from our official page citing all the attractive details. This will then be shared on other popular online platforms including Twitter and Instagram. A short video mentioning the details will be posted on Youtube as well.

Cost and Resources

Keeping their full range of water heaters in mind, we will need two of each favorite product and one of each latest product. These selected water heater models must include products of NPE-A series and NPE-S series. To carry out the whole event, we will require a total budget of xx,000 USD. Details of this budget plan are attached to this proposal.


To follow up on this event, we will organize an interview for the giveaway winner. This will reach a larger group of people and inform them about the benefits of Navien water heaters. So the hype of the event will stay alive even after it ends.