6 Things You Need to Plan a Successful Wedding Party

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. This is despite the amount of time you have available to make the preparations.

With a list of things you want in mind, you can easily forget the necessities you need to make your wedding reception party memorable and a success. But, a wedding checklist can ensure you don’t overlook anything that’s necessary for the success of your wedding.

Create a procedural timeline of all the things you want to be done and pulled off for your wedding party. Do your research well and create a feasible budget. Work out when to do the things on your checklist, ranging from finding a suitable wedding venue to shopping for your wedding gown.

A wedding party gives you the opportunity to celebrate your marriage after the wedding ceremony. A wedding is a lifetime event, hence the need to make it special and memorable for you and your guests. Here’re 6 things you need to plan for a successful wedding party that you’ll live to remember:

6 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Fun and Memorable Wedding Party


Think about the people you’d like to invite to your wedding as guests. The need to make your guests comfortable during the event goes without saying. Arrange for easy parking at the venue, lots of seating, baby changing amenities, and anything else that can make your guests comfortable, relaxed and happy.

Include enough “buffer time” for your guests in the wedding party schedule. Allot enough time for conversation, fun, and relaxed moments to ensure that guests don’t feel rushed. After all, the party is all about having a good time.


The heart of any party is entertainment. Opt for easy entertainment bound to engage your guests and keep them active during the event. Consider various forms of fun entertainment that may include:

  • Garden games
  • Dancing chairs
  • Music and live performances
  • Wandering entertainers
  • Photo booths

Guests can join in available entertainment at free will and get to chat with friends or family as they deem fit. Never force your guests to join in the entertainment. Instead, let them do so for freewill.

Food and Drinks

The staple of wedding parties, something guests are bound to remember for a long time, is food and drinks. Develop your menu to ensure that your guests don’t stay hungry or thirsty. Keep them happy with delicious foods and great drinks.

Get enough snacks for all guests to munch in between meals to keep them happy. They’ll be handy when serving guests who arrive late and if you intend to party into the late evening or night.

When shopping for drinks, let water be at the top of the list. Learn everything you need to know about keeping your drinking water clean using salt-free water softeners. You’ll be serving lots of guests, hence the need to consider municipal supplies for safe and clean water to cut on your budget.

The right ambience with a touch of personality

Create lots of space to accommodate the number of guests you intend to invite to your wedding. Make sure the pace of the event isn’t hurried and use music to set the right mood and ambiance for the party.

Louder music, cool lighting, and keeping your guests together are great ways to get everyone into the mood for the party. The success of your wedding party is as good as the ambiance you create in the atmosphere.

Make sure you’re comfortable with everything you choose for your wedding party. And, ascertain that every aspect of the event reflects your unique personality and that of your spouse. Pick what you’re comfortable with and showcase who you are.

Make sure you’re comfortable with everything you choose for your wedding party. And, ascertain that every aspect of the event reflects your unique personality and that of your spouse. Pick what you’re comfortable with and showcase who you are.

Choose suppliers or vendors wisely and provide entertainment options

The vendors you pick for your wedding party will determine its success. Research and ask for recommendations for the most experienced wedding vendors in your area. Pick suppliers and vendors who have your needs at heart.

And, provide seats for guests to ensure that older guests can take their seats when they deem fit. Let only guests who want to be on the dance floor all night long do so.

Be Unique and End the Event in Style

Your wedding party gives you an opportunity to do things differently and impress your guests. Consider distinct, fun, and unusual wedding ideas to set your wedding apart. Include what’s important to you, but ensure there’s someone to guide guests on how to get involved or what to do.

Instead of just letting guests walk away after the party, end your event in style. Pick a special song for the last dance to end the party on a high. Consider giving wedding favors or souvenirs to your guests to bring home as memorabilia.

You can also organize for a sparkler send-off to put a smile on your guests’ faces as they leave for home. Call taxis and other forms of transport to help guests without private vehicles to reach home with ease.


With proper planning and the right ideas, you can plan a successful wedding party. You can organize a smooth event from start to finish. Make sure the venue has the right mood and ambiance and that there’s enough food and drinks for everyone in attendance.