About Us.

Founder, Mission, And Vision


The Founder

Cleo D. Wilson is an experienced businesswoman. She worked in the hospitality industry and as an event manager for over a decade each. Her passion for seeing people happy when a function goes as planned is what brought her into this industry. Therefore, she founded her outfit to promote excellent service that puts the client first.


We aim to be the outfit of choice for a wide range of events and in the business. That’s because we desire to ensure we plan exciting and unique functions for our customers based on their preferred theme. To achieve that, we listen to our clients and do all it takes to ensure that the results satisfy them. That’s why we have well-trained and dedicated staff on our team.


We envision Artistic Productions as a highly respected and recommended event planning establishment. We aim to build a reputation based on customer satisfaction and to have our works speak for themselves. That puts us in a position of earning more clients and having a more significant impact on our society. Thus, we’ll build better relationships for the business.