Five Tips for Having a Great Concert-Like Party

Concerts are significant events where people gather to listen to and cheer performing artists. It’s a perfect place for celebrities to meet their fans. Consider it one wat to foster close relationships between artists and their admirers. Such bonding can produce fans ready to sacrifice anything for their favorite celebrities.

Ever thought of bringing a concert-like party to the back of your house? Like having a mega party? It’d be lots of fun if you can pull it off.

Unlike regular concerts, home concerts allow you to create additional fun activities as the show goes on. Since it’s more of a gathering of friends, everyone tends to be free and open to trying out other activities. These points can help you successfully host a memorable concert-like party.

Get Things Ready

For a successful concert, your starting point is preparation. Consider the suggestions below to help you prepare adequately.

§    Chose the Right Location and Timing

Your location and time matter a lot. Even though it’s a home concert, it’s vital to consider who your expected guests would be. How far is your anticipated venue from your expected guests, how accessible is the venue, can your guests and artists easily identify your place. These are some critical questions you have to consider.

If your concert has high school kids as a target audience, it’s unreasonable to set the timing on a Wednesday night. A show over the weekend would feel better. Put the schedule for your target guests into consideration. Slate time for the show and stick to it. Your guests will build confidence in you for this.

§    Ensure You Have No Conflicting Party

If you’re hosting a small home concert, you’ll need to ensure no other show would hold in your city on the same day as yours. If your guest would have to choose between your show and another, it might play out against you. Ensure your concert is the only one in your city.

§    Prepare Your Stage

The main attraction at your concert should be the artists you’re bringing. Make their performance the activity of focus. They don’t have to be A-list artists. They could be budding musicians right there in your vicinity. You’d be surprised that some of them might be willing to perform for free or a token if they’re assured of substantial exposure.

A stage is a podium that gives the artists the attention and provides them adequate space to perform. It’s vital to build a stage that’ll withstand every performance.

In preparing your stage, be sure to make adequate preparations to ensure safety. If the situation calls for it, you may need to do some welding to strengthen poles and other metal works. Using high-frequency welders will make the job easier and faster.

Ensure the Safety of Your Guests

The safety of guests at your concert is vital.

·        Use Security Guards

The presence of security guards would instill confidence among your guests about their security. They can help control any party crashers or guests who start getting violent. Now, you don’t have to break the bank to enlist security guards; if you’ve got enough social goodwill, you can enlist the help of willing guys and ladies in the neighborhood for a token.

·        Install Cameras

Have security cameras installed, and ensure someone capable monitors it to detect any suspected risk and deal with it as soon as possible.

·        Have First aid Kits

If you have a medical emergency during a show, first aid kits come in very handy. While seeking proper medical attention, you can perform first aid treatment.

Make a Budget

If you’re planning a concert, it’s essential to define what you hope to achieve. Shows could be for charity, for promotion, to raise funds, or just about anything. Tailor your budget.

·        Sell Tickets

Selling tickets for your show would give you a good idea of the people coming to your concert. In addition to providing statistics, ticketing can help you raise the capital you require. Consider sending out select invitation tickets to special guests.

·        Consider Food and Drinks

Your guests may be willing to have food and drinks made available for some price. The number of tickets you sell would help you determine how to prepare for this.

·        Offer VIP Arrangements

Set apart a specific section of your venue for special guests and offer them some unique treatments at certain price tags. VIP treatment will give them a sense of importance and improve their willingness to part with money.

Build a Team

Your team will help make your job get easier. A team will help you with the following, among others.

·        Make Publicity for Your Concert

Your team can help you create publicity for your concert. Flyers, jingles, and personal adverts can go a long way.

·        Come Up with Creative Ideas

Your crew can help you with various artistic designs to make your venue colorful. With a team, it’s easy to plan other side activities.

·        Get Information of Guests

Your team can help design online forms for your guests, to collect information and make it easier to invite them to your next party.

Obtain Permission

Finally, while making all the plans for your party. Be sure to obtain relevant permission to host the kind of show you have in mind. It may require some paperwork, take the time to meet up with all the requirements for hosting a successful concert-like party.